PRODAY is an anti-allergen spray enriched with probiotics, that eliminate the harmful allergens such as mites that causes itching and allergy in a biological way, creating a healthy and hygienic environment, provides a comfortable breathing effect. Creates a balanced and strong microflora. Suitable for all indoor environments. Many animals have skin problems or allergies. Their skin or coat often attracts dirt, allergens and harmful microorganisms. It prevents you from allergic reaction by creating a healthy and balanced microflora in the area where you live with your pets. It can be applied especially to bed sheets, pillows, upholstery carpets, furniture and litter tray. Safe to use for adults, children and animals. It is 100% environment friendly and soluble in nature. You can safely use in baby and children's room.

Instructions For Use: Shake well before use. The area to be sprayed must be dry. Spray 3 seconds in a semicircle 1 meter away from this area. Spray PRODAY Anti Allergen Spray twice a day (for the first week) on your pet and places where it spends a lot of time or any other places without making either wet. After this, once a day is enough.

Note: Store the product away from direct sunlight at a temperature between 5°C and 45°C. Do not use any chemical into the same area. Keep away from children.
300 ML