We must protect our pets internally and externally. PRODAY Pet Oral Care is a miraculous product that provides internal protection with 100% natural probiotics. It is a concentrated product. Prevents plaque formation. Strengthens the immune system. Regulates the digestive system, controls the bacteria that cause bad smell in the mouth, provides a healthy and fresh breath.
Minimizes feces odor. Odorless and tasteless.
Non-toxic and drug-free.
100% ecological and soluble in nature.

Instructions For Use: Shake well before use. Pour 1 cap of oral care into 1 liter water. The water can be used for 3 days; you should change the water every 3 days. Always pour the water first then the product.

Note: Store the product away from direct sunlight at a temperature between 5°C and 45°C. Keep away from children.
250 ML
400 ML