Chemical products break down bacterial flora and make harmful bacteria more resistant.
Probiotics repair the bacterial flora, reduce pathogens and prevent damage.
Chemical solvents are harmful and hazardous to both life and the environment.
They also cause surface degradation over time.
Probiotics never harm human health and the environment.
Strong chemical products such as bleach cannot destroy 100% of bacteria.
Uncleaned harmful bacteria become immune, stronger, more resistant and regenerate dirt.
Probiotic cleaning prevents the increase of harmful bacteria and resistance to mutation.
Creates a healthy balance of bacteria. Delays the formation of dirt.
After cleaning with chemical products, harmful bacteria return to the surface within 8 hours.
With probiotic cleaning, you can keep harmful bacteria away from your home for 3 days.

Why not use a chemical cleaner?
We've all heard some advertisements claiming that some chemical / toxic cleaners reduce 99.9% of bacteria (anti-bacteria).

Why isn't that a good thing?
Because this kind of useful bacteria are destroyed along with the harmful bacteria. However, for a healthy life, we need probiotics, i.e. beneficial bacteria, both inside and outside our body.
Probiotics (useful bacteria) included in these products decrease the nutrients of pathogen (harmful bacteria) and decrease their numbers in a biological method. You can provide healthy, clean and safe living space by using these products and prevent odor issues, infections, allergies, skin and coat problems etc.